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CBD Dosage Quick Start Guide: Your Perfect Dose In 3 Easy Steps

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Taking CBD the right way is easy!

Use this CBD Dosage Quick Start Guide to become an expert CBD user in three simple steps.

Step 1: Choose your favorite way to take CBD

CBD is a versatile natural hemp extract that you can take in many ways.

First, you’ll need to consider the form of CBD before deciding how much CBD to take and how often to take it.

Let’s look at the four most common forms of CBD available:

Sublingual CBD Use

Taking CBD sublingually means you place it under your tongue for up to one minute before swallowing. Your body absorbs CBD taken sublingually within about one hour or less, so it’s relatively fast-acting. Each sublingual CBD dose lasts between four to six hours.

Sublingual CBD use is most common for CBD oil tinctures, which are easy to dispense under the tongue using a dropper. Taking CBD sublingually is not limited to oil tinctures, though — CBD Honey Sticks, CBD Concentrates, and CBD Gummies can be used sublingually, too!

Oral CBD Use

Taking an oral CBD dose does not require holding it under your tongue for any time at all. When you take an oral CBD dose, you swallow it immediately with a glass of water or your favorite beverage. CBD taken orally is absorbed by the body within two or three hours and usually lasts up to eight hours per dose.

Oral CBD works with oil tinctures, softgels, capsules, gummies, honey sticks, and even concentrates like distillates and isolates.

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CBD Inhalation

Vaping CBD or smoking CBD flower has the fastest absorption rate of all the forms of CBD. Your body typically absorbs inhaled CBD within minutes. But inhaling CBD also lasts the shortest amount of time. Your inhaled CBD dose will peak within one to two hours and last up to four hours.

Vaping CBD turns it into an aerosol without combustion. Vaping CBD instead of smoking flower is preferred if inhalation is your preferred dosing method because smoking CBD flower may produce potential toxins due to combustion.

Topical CBD Use

CBD is readily absorbed into the body when you apply it to your skin. You may apply CBD to target areas or large regions if needed. Topically applied CBD is absorbed through the skin within about one hour and lasts up to six hours per dose.

The same CBD oil tincture you take by mouth can be applied directly to the skin, too! You may also opt for a balm, salve, moisturizing cream, or patch to directly target a specific body area.

Step 2: Adjust your CBD dose based on how much you weigh

Now that you know which form of CBD you prefer, it’s time to determine how much CBD you will need per dose according to your current body weight.

Our CBD Dosing Chart provides weight-based recommendations for what may be the best mild, average, or maximum strength CBD dosage for you:

CBD Dosage Chart

Body Weight Starter Dose Average Dose Maximum High Potency Dose
100 lbs (or less) 25 mg 50 mg 150 mg
125 lbs 31 mg 62 mg 188 mg
150 lbs 38 mg 75 mg 225 mg
175 lbs 43 mg 88 mg 262 mg
200 lbs 50 mg 100 mg 300 mg
250 lbs 63 mg 125 mg 375 mg
300 lbs (or over) 75 mg 150 mg 450 mg

Starting with a low amount and increasing your CBD dose slowly gives you a chance to enjoy the CBD experience as a beginner. You can experiment to find how much CBD you should take without worrying about CBD side effects when you take it as directed, according to our CBD Dosage Chart.

CBD cannot give you a “high” or make you feel euphoric no matter how much you take because it is not psychoactive. Adjust your CBD dose to match how your body responds to it over the coming days and weeks. This process is called titration, and it simply means gradually adjusting and moderating your CBD dose based on your body’s response to it.

You can easily find your body’s tolerance level with a bit of practice.

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Step 3: Take CBD as often as you need, but at least once daily

How often you take CBD every day will depend on the form of CBD you take as well as your individual response to it.

You may safely take CBD in the morning, evening, afternoon, at bedtime, or all of the above, depending on your personal preference.

The recommended CBD dosage ranges between 50 mg and 1,200 mg daily, depending on body weight and other factors such as your specific needs. It is best to consult your doctor before making CBD part of your daily diet. Stay within the range your body can tolerate unless a qualified medical professional can provide adequate supervision.

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