250mg Broad Spectrum Pocket Size CBD Oil (0% THC)

17 mg Per Dose x 15 Doses

USDA Organic Certified CBD Oil - Lab Tested - NonGMO - Gluten Free - Vegan - USA Grown

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Take your Organica Naturals 250mg Broad Spectrum Pocket Size CBD Oil with you on the go!

Concentrated 250mg CBD formula delivers 17mg of CBD per dropper dose (1mL), with 15 doses in each 15mL bottle.¹

Our Broad Spectrum CBD extraction method removes all detectable levels of THC while protecting the integrity and synergistic effects of the entire spectrum of phytonutrients — cannabinoids, terpenes, essential oils, and other medicinal compounds — derived from the cannabis plant.²

USDA Certified Organic

100% Broad Spectrum Extract (0.0% THC)

Non-GMO & Pesticide Free

Gluten Free / Vegan

60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Bottle size: ½ FL OZ (15mL)
Total Doses Per Bottle: 15 Doses (1mL x 15)
CBD concentration/ 1mL: 17mg CBD/mL
Total CBD per bottle: 250mg CBD
Extract: Organic Broad Spectrum
Carrier Oil:
Organic MCT Oil

1 Lasts up to 15 days, based on average CBD usage statistics of 1mL taken daily.

2 Contains undetectable amounts of THC (0.0% THC by volume).

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Frequent Questions And Answers About Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

Broad Spectrum CBD is one of three primary types of CBD available.

CBD blends that are considered to be “Broad Spectrum” maintain a complete cannabinoid profile that includes popular phyto-compounds like Cannabinol (CBN), Cannabigerol (CBG), and Cannabichromene (CBC), as well as a variety of natural terpenes that are well known for their various benefits.

Broad Spectrum blends are quite similar to Full Spectrum CBD oil in this regard, with one key difference. Unlike Full Spectrum CBD, which contains small levels of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), Broad Spectrum blends utilize an extraction process that removes THC to the point that the levels of this compound are undetectable by most third-party laboratory testing (less than 0.0% THC).

One key difference between pure CBD isolate blends that are flavorless and colorless because they contain no additional cannabinoids like THC or CBN, is that Broad Spectrum formulas have a slightly gold or amber color to them, and may have a mild natural hemp scent and flavor.

Yes, broad spectrum CBD oil can be legally purchased, shipped and consumed in the United States 

Industrial hemp farming became legal in the United States following the passage of the U.S. Farm Bill in 2018. This bill allows for the production of hemp-based products that contain less than 0.3% THC.

Organica Naturals CBD is produced from industrial grade hemp that meets all Federal standards and our Broad Spectrum CBD products fall well below these guidelines because we remove most of the THC so that it exists in only trace levels undetectable by most third-party laboratory testing (under 0.00% THC). 

Our products can be legally shipped to all 50 U.S. states.

Broad spectrum CBD oil tinctures and distillate concentrates utilize an extraction process that is similar to full spectrum CBD extraction processes in order to maintain essential cannabinoids. Thus, some levels of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are retained in the concentrated extract.

However, broad spectrum CBD extraction goes the extra mile to remove as much of this THC as possible while maintaining a synergistic cannabinoid profile, leaving only trace levels of THC that are undetectable by most third-party laboratory testing.

Organica Naturals broad spectrum CBD contains less than 0.00% THC and falls well below federal guidelines.

Broad Spectrum CBD contains trace amounts of THC (under 0.00%), but the levels are in such small amounts that taking these blends will not lead to a feeling of "getting high" or result in any psycho-active effects commonly associated with medicinal or recreational THC products. 

While broad spectrum CBD contains federally compliant and very minuscule amounts of Tetrahydrocannabinol and is undetectable in common laboratory analysis, sensitive drug screenings for employment or other services may show a positive result for THC.

It is not advisable for you to take a broad spectrum CBD product if you are required to take a drug test or screening for THC.

Organica Naturals Zero High™ brand CBD Oil Isolate formulas are guaranteed to be 100% THC-Free or your money back.¹

¹ Each product batch is tested by an independent 3rd-party facility to verify 0.00% THC content.

The latest clinical research and case studies indicate that first time users of broad spectrum CBD can begin with dosages ranging from 25 mg (milligrams) to 50mg per day, and may ingest up to 200mg per day depending on their specific needs.

It is easy to adjust your daily intake as needed by gradually increasing or decreasing your dosage level based on you individual response to CBD. This process, referred to as titration, ensures that you are taking the right amount of CBD depending on how your body responds.

Users experience the most effective benefits after taking broad spectrum CBD on a daily basis for two (2) to six (6) weeks.

Organica Naturals CBD blends are designed for a variety of different users and dosage ranges.


Firstly, the varying milligram amounts signify low (250-500mg), mid-range (1000mg), high (2500mg), and maximum (5000mg) CBD dose concentration.

Each unique formula provides a higher dose of cannabidiol — the active ingredient in our products — per 1 mL dropper.

Organica Naturals CBD makes it easy to find the right daily dose just for you.

Each bottle of our CBD oil contains 30mL (milliliters) and includes a graduated dropper that makes it convenient for you to measure exactly how much CBD you need.

If you take 1mL of your preferred broad spectrum CBD oil blend your bottle will last approximately 30 days.

Our broad spectrum CBD oil blends are formulated with ease-of-use in mind, which is why there are 30 milliliters of CBD Oil in each bottle (except for our pocket size product). Taking a single dropper-full per day (1 mL) means your bottle will last approximately 30 days.

When first trying CBD you can start with taking ¼ mL to ½ mL CBD oil (measured using the included graduated dropper). Wait four to six hours between doses. Increase the number of drops per dose as needed until effects are apparent.

Each of us has different wellness concerns and requirements, so how much CBD you take depends on your individual response to the formula. As an example, some users will take a broad spectrum CBD dose as needed, several times per day, while others may only take it in the morning or at bedtime.

There have been no significant adverse reactions or side effects reported in users who have tried broad spectrum CBD oil. It is non-toxic, non-psychoactive and safe to use. 

Of users taking CBD in completed and ongoing clinical studies, less than 1% report any side effects. 

Side effects reported are mild and may include sedation and drowsiness. 

These side effects may be enhanced when combined with depressants or alcohol. 

Broad spectrum CBD oil is safe to take with few incidence of side effects reported when taken with an existing prescription for a pharmaceutical medication.

In certain instances CBD may interfere with the way the body metabolizes certain prescription medications in the liver. This interaction potentially reduces the effectiveness of these medications over time.

Talk to your doctor before adding CBD to your wellness plan if you are concurrently taking any prescription medications. Your doctor may need to monitor your individual response to the combination of CBD with your prescribed drugs and adjust your dose accordingly.

Unless otherwise directed by a qualified medical professional, do not take CBD if you are pregnant or nursing. Wait until after your baby is bottle-fed before adding CBD to your wellness plan.

Do not take CBD if you are taking oral birth control. In rare instances, a decrease in the effectiveness of an oral contraceptive may result if combined with CBD. Non-oral forms of birth control remain unaffected when used concurrently with CBD.

Because CBD and other cannabinoids found in our broad spectrum formulas are natural extracts of the hemp plant they are similar to other natural supplements and alternative medicines. You can combine CBD with other dietary supplements, herbs or natural medicines without risk of serious side effects or adverse reactions. 

Speak with your doctor if you have any concerns about concurrently taking broad spectrum CBD with other natural or dietary supplements. 

The broad spectrum CBD extracts used in our formulations are biologically-based products and may, at times, show minor variances in color, flavor and scent. These variances are normal and expected. They do not affect the potency or purity of our formulations. 

Every batch of our broad spectrum CBD blends is independently tested by a 3rd-party ISO-certified laboratory to ensure CBD potency, purity and safety. 

Organica Naturals CBD is sourced from hemp (cannabis sativa) that is organically grown in Oregon, Colorado and California under natural sunlight.

We utilize high CBD concentration strains of hemp that are federally compliant, containing less than 0.3% THC at time of harvest. 

Our hemp is non-GMO, farmed sustainably  and is grown without the use of dangerous pesticides or chemicals. 

The hemp used to manufacture our CBD products is organically grown on organic certified farms.

We utilize USDA organic certified MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) carrier oils to formulate our broad spectrum CBD oils.

Our products are tested at every level of production, from farm to bottle, by ISO certified third-party testing laboratories to ensure we meet or exceed all Federal and State guidelines for the manufacturing of cannabis related products.

Hemp is tested at the time of harvest for cannabinoid concentration, heavy metals and pesticides.

The concentrated extract (distillate) used to blend our broad spectrum CBD oil is tested to ensure that all detectable levels of THC have been removed and exist only in trace amounts (under 0.00% THC). We also test for the concentration of CBD and other cannabinoids, and verify that there are no dangerous pesticides, solvents or heavy metals.

Every batch of broad spectrum CBD oil tincture goes through a final test to verify that it meets or exceeds CBD concentration and potency, that THC levels are below 0.0%, and that no microbials have been introduced during the blending process.

Broad spectrum CBD is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to infuse a variety of bodycare and skincare products because it maintains a strong cannabinoid profile that includes CBD, CBG, and CBD, all of which have been shown to support healthy skin. Moreover, because the vast majority of THC has been removed and is undetectable in common lab tests, it is often considered a "no THC" solution for those wanting to apply CBD topically.

There are two ways to infuse your creams, moisturizers, shampoos, conditioners and bath bombs with broad spectrum CBD.

The easiest way to do this is to utilize one of our broad spectrum CBD oils. Our 1000MG Broad Spectrum CBD oil tincture, for example, contains 33.33 milligrams of CBD per 1 milliliter (dropper-full). This makes it easy to measure exactly how much CBD you want to add to a specific mixture. If, you want to add 200 milligrams of CBD to a 2 ounce hand cream or salve, you would simply measure out six (6) full droppers of CBD oil (200 milligrams divided by 33.33 milligrams). The same math can be applied if you are utilizing our higher concentration blends of 2500MG (83.33 milligrams of CBD per 1mL dropper) and 5000MG (166.66 mg of CBD per 1mL).

The one potential drawback to mixing your skincare or bodycare products with our broad spectrum CBD oil is that we utilize an organic MCT (coconut sourced) for our carrier oil. Some creators do not use MCT oil and prefer different carrier oils (like hemp seed oil, rosehip oil, etc.).

Our lab technicians can create custom carrier oil mixes for your specific needs. Please contact our wholesale team for more information about custom broad spectrum CBD formulations.

You can also utilize our broad spectrum CBD distillate to mix your own CBD items. This distillate is the highly concentrated raw material that is extracted directly from the hemp plant.

It is a bit more challenging to work with than our pre-mixed CBD oil, but provides a lot of versatility for manufacturing. Because of its high concentration of CBD (around 87%), it crystallizes from a molasses-like liquid into a harder consistency that requires heat to re-liquefy. It can be added directly to a variety of base oils for easy mixing into everything from creams and salves to soaps and candles.

While broad spectrum CBD contains very trace levels of THC, some creators prefer a 100% THC-free CBD base material, such as our pure CBD isolate powder, which is much easier to work with as it is more oil and water friendly (requiring little to no heat) for producing your own CBD infused products.

You can infuse your personal skin and bodycare products with CBD using the methods above.

For manufacturers, please visit our Wholesale and Bulk CBD information page to learn more about how you can add CBD to existing product lines or create new ones.

Yes, our broad spectrum CBD can be added to a variety of foods and drinks like protein shakes, smoothies, coffees, tea, cookies, brownies, jello, gummies, and other goods.

The easiest method of infusing your preferred food or drink item is to use our pre-mixed oil tinctures. Our 1000MG Broad Spectrum CBD oil is a popular product for this because it makes it easy to measure out how much CBD you’d like to add to a particular food or drink.

The 1000MG contains a concentration of 33.33mg of CBD per mL (milliliter) and is easily measurable with the included graduated dropper.

If you wanted to add a dose of 33.33mg to your morning protein shake, you could do so by simply measuring out a milliliter and mixing it right in.

If you are making a batch of brownies that will yield 10 brownies, and you want to have 33.33mg of CBD per brownie, you would measure out ten (10) dropper-fulls into your recipe, totaling 333mg of CBD, or about 33mg per brownie.

Some producers of food goods prefer to utilize our concentrated broad spectrum CBD distillate because it contains no carrier oils like the MCT used in our CBD oil tinctures. Because of its high concentration of CBD (around 87%) and other cannabinoids, this distillate can crystallize and harden, similar to honey that has crystallized. It is a bit harder to work with than a CBD oil, and requires some heat to liquefy for mixing into your recipes. For this reason, we recommend our distillate for more experienced users who have the tools and equipment (e.g. a water bath) to utilize for manufacturing food and drink products in larger quantities.

Please contact our customer care team for questions about mixing broad spectrum CBD into food and drinks. 

For producers of bulk food or drink products, please contact our wholesale CBD team for more information. 

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