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CBN Concentrate: Zero High® THC-Free Pure Cannabinol Isolate Powder

Net CBN Weight: 1,000MG to 10,000MG


Zero High® THC-free pure CBN (Cannabinol) isolate powder makes it easy to infuse everything from drinks to homemade products with CBN.

At 99.7% potency, Zero High® CBN powder can be added directly to teas, coffees, ingestible oils, moisturizers and creams, and even baths.

It can also be taken directly and on a daily basis, in powder form.

Extracted from high cannabinoid industrialized hemp, this concentrate meets Federal guidelines and contains 0.00% THC.

Zero High® can be shipped to all 50 states.

99.7% Cannabinol Isolate

Guaranteed 100% THC-Free

Non-GMO & Pesticide Free

Gluten Free / Vegan

60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Strain: Industrial Hemp, High Concentrate
Concentration: Approximately 99.7%
Extract Class: Isolate
Flavor: Flavorless
Product Weight: 1.01 grams of Concentrate contains 1 gram of cannabinol

1 Zero High® CBN is triple tested to guarantee it contains 0.00% THC or your money back.

Lab Test Results: View Certificate Of Analysis

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